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Flush D'Or Railtour

3471 at Ore before reversal The third and final reversal was at Ore where again passengers had to detrain.  An empty 3471 awaits the road towards Ashford prior to reversing.

photograph by Colin Duff
some of the enthusiasts were older than the oldest unit seen in this picture of old and new! So what do enthusiasts do at a station like Ore not renowned for its commodious facilities, or indeed any facilities at all? The handy footbridge provides an excellent vantage point for taking photographs of the unit's departure and arrival.

photograph by R.M. Brumé
u3590 prior to departure from Hastings
Above: The tour's only early arrival occurred at Hastings on the inward leg however a lengthier than timetabled reversal at Ore resulted in a much truncated stop back in Hastings, certainly not enough to nip out of the station to get some food. 3590 is pictured here just prior to its departure for London Bridge. Note the new station building.

photograph by Colin Duff

the formation awaiting its empty stock working back to Ramsgate Arrival back at London Bridge (central side) was on time with the formation drawing up to Southern's garishly liveried 319218 in platform 8.

photograph by Colin Duff