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Last Inter-Regional Service From Brighton Page 3: Aftermath

There is a curious aftermath to the withdrawal of Cross Country services to Brighton .

Wandsworth Road has gained a through service to Ealing Broadway, but only once a week.  This is because the withdrawal of Cross County services to Brighton has left three lines without any passenger service.  These are Acton Poplar Junction to Acton Wells Junction, Acton Wells Junction to Willesden West London Junction and Latchmere Junction to Factory Junction.  In absence of any closure process compliant with section 24 of the Railways Act 2005, a rail replacement bus service is provided, but this only runs on Tuesdays.  Times are: 09:45 Ealing Broadway, 10:25 Kensington Olympia , 10:55 Wandsworth Road and 13:15 Wandsworth Road, 13:45 Kensington Olympia , 14:25 Ealing Broadway.  The service does not appear on departure sheets at Wandsworth Road , nor is it included in the National Rail timetable database.  The Department for Transport (in a letter to a correspondent) says that "The bus service is intended to be a temporary measure and the Department intends that it will run until train services can be reinstated over the sections of track."