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Farewell 508s - The Final Day - Page 1

withdrew their final six Class 508s units (203, 205, 207, 208, 210, 211) on Friday 12th December 2008, so bringing to an end the second association with the south by this class. (For a potted history please click here.) Units 203, 205, 207 and 211 were out on diagrams GI393, GI391, GI392 and GI394 respectively. All four are pictured on these pages. 205 had the honour of being the last in service, fitting because as 508009 it was one of the first pair (with 508008) to run in passenger service on 17th December 1979. For pictures of Southeastern's fleet of six units in their final months, please see our Class 508 - the Final Months feature.

Final Day poster in 508207

The day started grey and with a very heavy frost. The sun shone briefly mid-morning but then a cold, damp murk set in for the remainder of the day. We follow the four units chronologically throughout the day. To mark the day "Last Day" posters had been stuck into the secondman's windows by Tonbridge based staff.

Those riding these units on their final day have remarked upon their "spirited" running - without a doubt they were withdrawn in fine fettle thanks to dedicated attention at Gillingham Depot.

photograph by Don Benn


508207 departs Tonbridge with the 07.53 Strood to London Bridge service


207 departs Tonbridge with the 07.53 Strood to London Bridge service.

photograph by Colin Price


211 is seen entering the Jubilee Sidings from Tonbridge Station


211 was on the "short" diagram GI394 involving a layover in Jubilee Sidings, Tonbridge West, for around eight hours. 211 is seen here entering the sidings from Tonbridge Station.

photograph by Colin Price


508203 is passing 508211 in Jubilee Sidings and will shortly enter Tonbridge ststion with the 08.59 service from Redhill


203, with the 08.59 service from Redhill, is passing 211 in Jubilee Sidings.

photograph by Colin Price


508203 entering the platform at Tonbridge


...and here it is entering the platform at Tonbridge.

photograph by Don Benn