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Lymington Flyer: The Last MK1

The 22nd May 2010 saw the final end of an era when Lymington Flyer 3 CIG units 1497 ‘Fresh Water’ and 1498 ‘Farringford’ made their last public service run.

Despite being given exemption from the regulation that "prohibits the operation on or after 1 January 2003 of Mark 1 rolling stock." until 2013, when expected the units to become life expired, the units were withdrawn early due to the lack of parts readily available and the additional cost involved in maintaining these units due to the fact there is only two of them.

The units are back home at Bournemouth Depot, where they are expected to stay until they have been purchased. As we have seen in the past, the sale price of the units is expected to be low as transportation costs are very high.

Now on to the feature where we start with the final week of the slam door trains.

17th May - 1498 is seen pulling into Lymington Town

It's the 17th May and 1498 is seen here pulling into Lymington Town

photograph by Kim Rennie

1497 is captured at Lymington Junction on 18th May with the 13.44 service from Lymington Pier.

photograph by Colin Duff
18th May - 1497 is captured at Lymington Junction

21st May - 1497 seen approaching Brockenhust station

1497 is seen again, this time approaching Brockenhust station on the 21st May with the 11.44 service from Lymington Pier

photograph by Lewis Smith