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Lymington Flyer: The Last MK1

Operates between Brockenhurst and Lymington sticker

A sticker attached to gaurd's door window.

Danger: Do not lean out of the windows sticker

A sticker that was ignored for the day by many passengers.

photograph by Ashley Frost

All Change poster

A poster featured across the network advertising the withdrawal of the units

photograph by Ashley Frost

18th May - Stop sign at Lymington Town

A comparison of Lymington Town station:
(left) On 18th May, train stop signs consisted of a 3-car stop and a 4-car stop.

(right) On 22nd May, train stop signs consisted of a new 2-car stop, 3-car stop and a replaced 4-car stop.

photographs by Colin Duff
22nd May - Stop sign at Lymington Town

Finally, my thanks go to and all the staff at Bournemouth Traincare for providing a good send off for the units. Working day-in day-out for ~40 years, these units certainly gave a good innings. I, like many others, will remember the last day and we hope to see these units preserved and running again.