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Lymington Flyer: The Last MK1

For the last two pages, I will finish off with some miscellaneous shots.

Interior of 1498

An interior shot of an empty 1498.

photograph by Christopher Ward

Door of 1498

(left) A sight that can no longer been seen in the Southern Region; a slam door in public service!

photograph by Kim Rennie

(right) An even rarer sight; first class compartments! Who would have thought these compartments lasted longer than the first class compartments found on class 442 units.

photograph by Christopher Ward
First class corridor

Doorplate of 1497

A door from 1497. The doorplate was added after the 2005 introduction of the units. Underneath is an electro-magnet used to provide central door locking (CDL). The units required CDL to comply with the Railway Safety Regulations Act 1999 which prohibits the use of trains without CDL from January 2005, although this was relaxed for a short while whilst the CDL was installed.

photograph by Colin Duff