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Lymington Flyer: The Last MK1

1497 at Lymington Pier with a headcode of 9

1497 at Lymington Pier having just arrived with the 12.59 service from Brockenhurst.

During the day, they was definitely an assortment of headcodes used including 91, 92, 93 and 98 as well as the correct 97 headcode.

photograph by Ashley Frost

Headboard on 1497

The headboard has been altered for the deperature of the units. In the past, the Lymington Flyer and the Lymington Flyer 150 headboard has been used.

photograph by Ashley Frost

1498 in the up siding

Unit 1498 has now been placed in the up siding, where it will wait to be taken home to Bournemouth (and not Wimbledon as the location sticker suggests :) )

photograph by Ashley Frost

1497 working the 18.44 service

1497 working the 18.44 service to Portsmouth, sorry to Brockenhurst.

photograph by Robert Armstrong

1497 about to work the last ever service; the 22.14 to Brockenhurst

1497 about to work the last ever service; the 22.14 to Brockenhurst.

photograph by ‘Lym Flyer’

17th July 2009 - 159081 crossing Lymington Harbour

On weekdays, class 158/159 units can be found on the branch line with class 450 units working the weekends. Markus Giger captures 159081 working a service on 17th July 2009.