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Lymington Flyer: The Last MK1

1498 finishing service for the day at 12.25

1498 has just arrived from doing its last journey from Lymington Pier with the 12.14 service.

For now, farewell 1498.

photograph by Colin Duff

1497 departing platform 1

1497 is seen departing platform 1 with the 12.29 service. This gave an opportunity to people who are usually asleep when this train departs platform 1 to have a ride on the crossover from platform 1 to the Lymington branch line.

photograph by Robert Armstrong

Crowd at Lymington Town

It's approaching lunchtime, the sky is clear and Lymington Town car park is very full!

photograph by Ashley Frost

Headboard being placed on the front of 1497

The headboard is being placed on the front of 1497, and the doors are already closed!

photograph by Ashley Frost

1497 leaving Lymington Pier

Due to the headboard being difficult to take off from the other end, and the tight turn around time, 1497 is seen leaving with a service from Fareham to Eastleigh?
The driver didn't have enough time to set the headcode before the gaurd signalled to go. The headcode was fixed a few seconds later.

photograph by Ashley Frost